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Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is a national organization representing businesses, professionals, and individuals across all provinces in Canada who are interested in learning about, and potentially conducting trade and commerce with individuals and corporations in the Israeli marketplace.

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CICC aims to foster and enhance trade and investments between Canada and Israel by coordinating social activities in order to expose the most relevant opportunities and challenges in today’s fast paced world. Our goal is to provide our members with valuable tools, knowledge, and connections needed for their business and personal success.

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Founded by business leaders eager to increase trade activities with Israel, the CICC has developed a community of leading businesses and government officials ready to help you extend your reach and gain an international presence. The CICC member community is supported by a professional team ready to help you achieve your business goa

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Our events connect innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and government officials from various industries and fields, bringing valuable insights, inspiration, and a competitive advantage to our valuable members.


As a members-based organization, CICC's role is to serve its members’ interests. We offer our members a platform to enhance their visibility and connect to governmental institutions and politicians, partners and members. Members have the opportunity to promote their businesses on CICC's website and marketplace and to contribute to and shape the future of the organization. ​

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Today our Chamber is comprised of representatives and leaders from some of Canada and the Israel’s most recognizable businesses and organizations. For over a decade, we have facilitated meaningful introductions to encourage and foster business development, trade, and investments both in Canada and in Israel while supporting a culture of social activities, inspirational events, and multiple platforms on which our members can connect, grow, and have fun.

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