His Excellency Jon Allen

“Israel’s Innovation agenda and accomplishments, its strong economy and trading tradition, and its close and expanding ties to Canada are attracting an ever increasing number of Canadian companies to invest in Israel and vice versa. Each side is taking advantage of the many opportunities the other country offers, particularly in sectors such as information and communication technologies (ICT), biotech, clean technologies and financial services. 

Looking forward, future prospects for commercial relations, joint ventures, and two ways investments are bright. The bilateral relationship is expanding at all levels. The platforms offered by the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) and the Canada Israel Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRDF) and the activities generated by the Israel Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)and by the newly invigorated and extremely active Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) are testimony to the growing interest in and support of the Canadian business community in further developing the ties between our two countries and their business communities. 

Canada and Israel’s bilateral trade figures continue to grow and new investment and joint venture relationships are being built. I and my team of dedicated and experienced trade officers at the Canadian embassy in Israel are eager to assist this growth and to find new avenues for our bilateral commercial activities. 

We are especially grateful to the CICC for its efforts to date and look forward to working with it to increase the profile of the relationship.”