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Leslie Dan


"The economic vitality of Israel depends on active trading between Canada and the other nations.

We invite you to participate in the development of business dealings under the guidance and assistance of the CICC. Come to our regular business meetings, meet your future business partners, learn about the many business opportunities, which exist between our countries.

Be a contributor to the economic welfare of our people."




DJ Schneeweiss


“On behalf of the Consulate General of Israel it is with the greatest pleasure that I convey my best wishes to the Canada-Israel Chamber of Commerce and its members.

The State of Israel attaches great importance to the work of the Chamber in fostering and strengthening the commercial, economic and investment ties between Canada and Israel.

Israel and Canada enjoy strong economic ties but there is also huge untapped potential for collaboration and mutual benefit between us. The Chamber plays a key role in tapping into that potential. Through its array of events and activities raising awareness and introducing business on both sides to the many opportunities for partnership and growth, the Chamber is making a meaningful contribution to our respective economies and to the strength and vitality of the bilateral relationship.

We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with the Chamber and wish its officers and members every success in your important endeavours.”

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Her Excellency Miriam Ziv
Former Ambassador of Israel

“The Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce has the potential to serve as a major factor in enhancing the bilateral economic and trade relations between our two countries. Working in coordination and cooperation with the Canadian and Israel government diplomatic and trade representatives, as well as with other trade and commercial organizations, members of the Chamber will benefit from optimal opportunities to further and to enhance their commercial relations, to network and to see the potential that is offered, in both countries, to those who seek successful investment and commercial contacts. With such a close relationship between Canada and Israel, with the commonality of interests, culture and values between us, a full, imaginative and lucrative commercial relationship in all spheres and at all levels will guarantee the continued strengthening of the close relationship between the two countries.”


His Excellency Jon Allen
Former Ambassador of Canada

“Israel’s Innovation agenda and accomplishments, its strong economy and trading tradition, and its close and expanding ties to Canada are attracting an ever increasing number of Canadian companies to invest in Israel and vice versa. Each side is taking advantages of the many opportunities the other contry offers, particulary in sectors such as information and communication technologies (ICT), biotech, clean technologies and financial services.
Looking forward, future prospects for commercial relations, joint ventures, and two ways investments are bright. The bilateral relationship is expanding at all levels. The platforms offered by the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) and the Canada Israel Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRDF) and the activities generated by the Israel Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)and by the newly invigorated and extremely active Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) are testimony to the growing interest in and support of the Canadian business community in further developing the ties between our two countries and their business communities.
Canada and Israel’s bilateral trade figures continue to grow and new investment and joint venture relationship are being built. I and my team of dedicated and experianced trade officers at the Canadian embassy in Israel are eager to assist this growth and to find new avenues for our bilateral commercial activities.
We are especially grateful to the CICC for its efforts to date and look forward to working with it to increase the profile of the relationship.”

Amir Gissin


“It is with the greatest pleasure that I convey my congratulations to the members of the newly established Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce in Toronto.
The State of Israel is pleased to officially recognize the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce as a distinct organization that is committed to fostering and strengthening commercial and economic ties between Canada and Israel.
The Consulate General of Israel played an instrumental role in establishing the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce and will continue to collaborate with it on its various business ventures. The Consulate General of Israel looks forward to working with the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce and will be fully active in helping it achieve its goals.
I wish you much success in the future.”

Yoram Elron


“I wish to extend on behalf of the consulate General of Israel in Montreal my sincerest congratulations for the re-establishment of the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce. In these times of converging markets and globalization the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce can play a role in fostering close economic and trade links between our two nations. May this initiative succeed in continuing to bridge our two economies across the atlantic for many years to come. I wish you much success in all of your endeavors. Be’hatzlacha.”

Jonathan Levy Israel


“The re-establishment of the Canada Israel Chamber of Commerce is a significant undertaking which will be of much benefit for the business communities of Canada and Israel. Business relations between the two countries have been growing steadily in recent years. with direct bi-lateral trade surpassing one billion dollars and volumes of direct investments are on the rise in both directions. The governments of Canada and Israel realizing the potential of the growing bi-lateral economic opportunities have established a significant and workable infrastructure in the form of the Free Trade Agreement which was established exactly a decade ago and a joint Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRD-F) which celebrates its Bar Mitzvah (13) this year. These agreements have contributed significantly to the awareness of opportunities and growth of trade, joint ventures and scientific undertakings. The dedicated board of the CICC coupled with the experience and networking of its members can play a major role in the realization of additional trade and opportunities for all parties involved. I would like to thank the members of the executive and board for their support and energy in launching the new and improved Chamber.

I wish you all success in your endeavours."